LOOP - Circular Fashion

The Clothing Loop is an initiative that allows people to easily swap clothes with others in their neighborhood.
You can now also join a local Loop!


The idea is simple: Loops are set up by local volunteers. Large bags filled with clothes travel past all participants in Bruges.


You can sign up through www.clothingloop.org. As soon as the bag is delivered to your home by the person before you in the Loop, it’s time to shop!  Take items you like, and put back something that is still in good condition, and ready for a new owner. If you want, share a photo with your latest find, so that everyone can enjoy seeing where items end up! Then you bring the bag to the next person on the list. 

Since not all participants know each other, it contributes enormously to a sense of community in the neighborhood.

Thousands of kilos of clothing are being saved, neighbors got to know each other, and we created real behavioral change towards textile consumption. 


Disrupting consumerism

Sustainability is an important reason for most participants to join. They like clothes, but not the impact the fashion industry has on the planet.

One person exchanging an average of 1 piece of clothing per month instead of buying something new saves about 40 million liters of water, and roughly 40 kilos of CO2 emissions: enough for one car to drive from Amsterdam to Paris and back. The Clothing Loop wants to reach 1 million swappers within the next 5 years. 

The more we swap, the more positive impact we have! So swap, don’t shop!


Become part of worldwide clothes swapping movement!