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A [Àṣẹ]

At Axé Giftshop you will find an extensive range of unique and sustainable products. Our products range from organic jewelry to local crafts, scented products and much more. We are proud on offering hard-to-find products, like Golden Grass jewellery, that you won't find anywhere else.

GOLDEN GRASS (Bio Juwelery)

Created out of a story of self-sufficiency and innovation is this beautiful ethical artisan made jewellery handcrafted in Brazil by the talented women artisans of the Jalapão region. These beautifully radiant natural golden grass woven jewellery are handmade with Capim Dourado (Syngonanthus Nitens) plant, which is harvested sustainably. 


At AXÉ you will find a unique selection of jewelry, environmentally friendly, local crafts, art, fragrances, health and well-being items. Our mission is to promote beauty through responsible choices.



We believe in the impact we can make together. That's why we choose to work togueter with Solid International.Solid helps youngsters, women and families to build a solid foundation for their own future! By giving them training, fair employment or by helping them build social skills, parenting skills and most of all by believing in their potential to grow.

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About AXÉ

AXE A Yorubá word that means life force, divine power and essence of existence. It’s used to express goodvibes, agreement and well-being.

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About Us

AXÉ is a cozy store located in the heart of Bruges, Belgium. With a passion for sustainability, we strive to offer quality, committed brands, vegan cosmetics and many items accessible to everyone.We are ready to help you find your perfect piece!”

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8000 Brugge

Open Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday
and Saturday from 10:30 am - 05:30 pm
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Is there a Online Shopping?

We have only a physical shop at the moment.
You can buy a Giftcard online thrue a link

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You can send a message through Facebook or Instagram.
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What can you by at Axé Giftshop?

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